Abbie Bold Mission to Mars


Beautifully illustrated full colour book about the International Space Station and Abbie Bold’s dream to become an Astronaut.  A STEM book for girls and boys to ignite a passion for space exploration.

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What if we choose to tell children a different story?

What if we realized that we create our world? Everyday. Through the books we read, the clothes we wear and the games we play.

Join Abbie Bold on her journey to the International Space Station (ISS) and her Mission to Mars! Learn about the ISS, what scientists and astronauts do, what is needed to explore space and get to Mars. Stephanie Green’s illustrations bring space travel to life in a joy filled colourful explosion that all children will love.

Inspiring young readers to discover their inner leader and ignite their passion for STEM. The book introduces collaborative working, leadership and presents aeronautical, automotive and electrical engineering.


Images are powerful. What our daughters are told: everyday, by the items they wear, the books they read, the little message and the big signs are all important.

Fill their world with Dauntless. Be bold and live what you love.

Stephanie Green with Secretary of State for the Home Department The Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP. Discussing Dauntless Daughters

About Stephanie Green,
Illustrator and founder of Dauntless Daughters.

I grew up on a farm, in the rolling Quantocks hills in Somerset. My brothers and I were all free and spirited children. My childhood was filled with endless summers and warm winter fires. Food straight from the fields and nature all around us.
After completing a Sociology Degree, I dived into the world of publishing and at 21, I was elected as the UK’s youngest District Councillor. I was dedicated to my community and business. I left to nourish my creative soul. Finding my path, firstly as an artist and later joining a design studio in Bristol.
After the birth of two beautiful children, we moved out of the city and I embraced illustration. As the children have grown I see the world we are building for them: and I want to make it better. I don’t every want my girls to think if they like pink – they can’t also like science.

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