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Free download to celebrate Why Does Mummy Bleed


To celebrate our new book we are giving away two colouring sheets – you can download them for free right here!


Let’s change the conversation we have around our cycles. Women around the world bleed each month and yet many never talk to their children about why, how to help or even what’s happening. Imagine if we could, not only talk, but talk positively about our periods. Dauntless Daughters and MoonTimes have come together in a wonderfully gentle collaboration to explain and explore why mummy bleeds.

We believe that images are powerful.


The things our children see everyday, the items they wear, the books they read, the little messages and the big signs all build their sense of self.

So shouldn’t we take care to make sure what they see is brave, diverse, joy-filled?

“The flowing words are strong and clear like a song, I could almost hear the lilting voices, rising and falling. The incredibly beautiful art portrays the mystery with an accuracy known to bleeding women. This is our mystery.”


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